Get a 45 Day Trial of Hulu for FREE!

Hulu 45-Day Free Trial

I used to have Hulu and loved it.  When we were cutting bills I had to cut it for awhile but I’m really considering picking it back up and cutting something else because it’s worth it! This deal is for new subscribers.  Hulu is a premium streaming destination that offers exclusive seasons of hit TV shows, acclaimed Hulu Originals, movies, current episodes, kids shows, and more – all in one place. Hulu is the only streaming subscription service that offers current episodes from some of the largest U.S. broadcast networks, as well as acclaimed Hulu Originals

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Why You Should Consider Hulu Plus This Summer!

thth (2)My kidlets are out of school for the summer and I’m looking for some cheap entertainment.  Now, honestly you could go with but I want you to know Hulu has one name but offers two different services.  The services are Hulu and Hulu Plus. While the two are similar there are some differences between the two services.

Mobile Access

You can access Hulu Plus from mobile devices on any steady Wifi network. can’t be accessed on mobile devices. With Hulu Plus, vacation can be a breeze….the kidlets can access an available network making it a helpful service to have.

Television Selectionsth (1)

Hulu and Hulu Plus offer you the ability to watch television shows online. From what I can figure, Hulu typically only allows the last five aired episodes of a series to be viewed online. With Hulu Plus you seem to be able to get access to full seasons of many shows and in some cases full series runs of shows like the Modern Family and SpongeBob SquarePants. With Hulu Plus you also have access to some great Hulu exclusive shows from outside the US market. Customers can even watch numerous shows that had limited runs before getting canceled.


Hulu has a limited selection of movies from multiple studios and genres. Hulu Plus has a large selection of movies from multiple studios that is a different mix from what you might typically find on the other service I have, Netflix.  I like that I can find art house films, independent films and international ones that I can’t see on any other service.

You can watch Hulu Without Hulu Plus

I understand you can connect a computer to a TV and go to the Hulu website. If your HDTV has an HDMI port, you can connect to your TV with an HDMI cable. I also connected with my Apple TV off my MAC but I’m guessing we don’t all have MAC’s!

Hulu Plus is a worth $7.99 in my opinion….especially for summer fun for your kidlets. Lots of Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney and more to choose from.  Check it out with a Free Trial!


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