As Seen On TV Robo Twist – Electric Jar Opener $17.99

As Seen On TV Robo Twist – Electric Jar Opener

Have you seen this on TV?  Call me intrigued!  The Robotics Jar Opener easily opens even the toughest jar lids! It’s as easy as setting it down on the lid, pressing the button and watching it work! The Robot-strong vice of the Robot Twist locks on tight to the lid of any jar and unscrews it effortlessly. The next time you’ve got a tough jar to handle, count on Robot Twist to give you the muscle you need!


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Wonder Core Smart Fitness Equipment Deal!

Wonder Core Smart Fitness Equipment

The Wondercore Smart As Seen On TV is going to help get a stronger core and shredded abs. The Wonder Core Max exercise system is designed to provide a laser focus on your upper, middle and lower abs and oblique muscles for a well-rounded workout you will feel all over. It is a fitness accessory that no athlete should be without
Original Price: $89.99


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Check Out Sift Away Litter Box….

As Seen On TV Sift Away – The Amazing Self-Cleaning Litter Box That’s Spotless in Seconds

Has anyone seen these?  I have a cat and I’m pretty interested!  Sift Away is the innovative way to cleanly change litter, and save money by only using one bag of litter for a full month. The secret is the three interlocking slotted trays – the top tray collects clumps while the bottom two catch the clean litter to reuse again and again. Sift Away works with any brand of litter, and works so no more scooping smelly, messy litter boxes.

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FREE As Seen On TV Perfect Bacon Bowl – Just Pay S & H Seen On TV Perfect Bacon Bowl

My Valentine LOVES bacon. Everybody loves bacon! The sizzle, the scent, the mouth-watering taste….and then there is the Perfect Bacon Bowl. Eggs and hash browns for breakfast? It’s better in a Bacon Bowl. BLT for lunch? Perfect Bacon Bowl makes a whole new way to munch. Just wrap your favorite cut of bacon around the Perfect Bacon Bowl form and cook. The easy way to make delicious, edible bowls out of bacon for fun, savory, crunch-able yum. In just minutes you’ll have tasty, toasty, perfect bacon bowls.

Original Price: $19.95


Shipping: $5


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