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79% Off Emergency Crank Portable Backup Power Bank

Eton BoostTurbine 1000mAh Emergency Crank Portable Backup Power Bank

With all of the natural disasters happening lately I have been thinking it might be time to be on the safe side and grab up an emergency backup power bank.   For everyday or emergency use, it can either be used as a standard backup battery or as an emergency source of power, allowing you to charge your mobile device anytime, anywhere. For emergency power, simply crank for one minute and produce enough power for 4 minutes of talk time or a few critical texts. You can fully charge the before you head out and give your phone a 50% dump-charge when you need it! Get power when you need it most.  Not a bad idea to have on hand!

Retail Price: $59.99


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Get Ready For BTS – Gaiam Insulated Lunch Bags $5.99

Gaiam Insulated Lunch Bags

The eco-friendly way to pack your lunch, snacks, and more!

These colorful bags are the perfect way to pack lunches for school, snacks for vacation, or drinks for sports practice. Each features an insulated interior, to help keep everything at just the right temperature, and a durable exterior that resists spills. The inside even wipes clean in case of messes!
Retail Price: $12.99

Today’s Price: $5.99

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EasyReach Switch Extender $3.99

EasyReach Switch Extender

If you have the “older” switches then this might just be for you!   Imagine you’re a child in a regular house…you can’t reach the light switch….Well, now there’s a way to bring that switch within easy reach. This switch extender makes it easy to turn the light on and off when you can’t reach the actual switch. It’s ideal for young children who simply can’t reach or those who have restricted mobility.


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Wellograph Activity Wellness Watch $29!

Wellograph Activity Wellness Watch

Track your fitness levels, sleep patterns, heart rate, and more!

Other fitness watches out there are great, but you don’t want to constantly be checking an app just to see how you’re doing.  This watch is an activity tracker, heart rate monitor, pedometer, and stopwatch all rolled into one, giving you live, insightful information about your activity throughout the day. Use it to track your pulse, utilize the HRV scanning to see if your ready for more activity, and use it to compare your activity from the past 7 days.

Retail Price: $299.00

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Kidz Gear Wireless IR Car Headphones For Kids $9 – $21!

Kidz Gear Wireless IR Car Headphones For Kids

Grown-up performance that’s built for kids!

You can get 3 for only $21.99 today!  I don’t know about you but we spent many long family car trips. There’s nothing to do and entertainment is not always a happy arrangement if there isn’t an agreement on what movie to enjoy…and then the whole care has to listen to it, so no music for mom and day.  Well, now your kids can have that enjoyment and listen with ease using these headphones. These headphones are designed for kids ages 2 and up, and are perfect for keeping your kids entertained Retail Price: $29.99 each.

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Mighty Portable Wet/Dry Auto Vacuum with LED Lights & Inflator $16.99!

Mighty Portable Wet/Dry Auto Vacuum with LED Lights & Inflator

Clean up both wet and dry spills in your vehicle or anywhere else for that matter! They are marketing this baby as great for your car…and it would be. I think it would also be good for quick at home cleanups, RVs, campers, boats, and more. You can easily pick up wet spills or dry crumbs, dirt, and mud with the extra long three foot hose. Think about it…clean those hard to reach areas

Retail Price: $39.99


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Disney Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. Monster Tag for $3.99!

Disney Pixar's Monsters, Inc. Monster Tag for Windows/MacDisney Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. Monster Tag

Stocking stuffer alert! Join the temperamental Roz as a member of the CDA (Child Detection Agency) and tag as many human items as you can while delicately balanced on a seesaw. Your mission: Collect all of the items on the screen without falling off the seesaw.



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Triumph Sports Game Room Games $9.99

363261_vTriumph Sports Game Room Games

Must-have additions that are perfect for any game room!   Today’s deal is awesome for any family. The holidays are here and you might end up with a household of bored guests with nothing to do. Do you need a special gift for under the Christmas tree that’ll really surprise your child or grandchild? Here is the solution.  Grab up these games now just $9.99 : Table Top Soccer, Steel Tip Dartboard, Bow Hunt, Zombie Hunting Game, Table Top Billiards, Mini Pool Game, Deluxe Backboard Combo, MLS Soccer Table, Table Top Soccer



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Angry Birds Star Wars – Nintendo 3DS $8.99!

Angry Birds Star Wars - Nintendo 3DSAngry Birds Star Wars – Nintendo 3DS

Here’s another fun stocking stuffer for you!  May the birds be with you! The Angry Birds adventure set in a galaxy far, far away makes the jump to hyperspace and comes out on handhelds! The mega popular mobile game lands on 3DS with over 20 new levels. Play through the Star Wars universe, Angry Birds-style, as you wield your lightsaber, use the Force, and blast Pigtroopers. Become a true Jedi Master as you journey from the sands of Tatooine to the Pig Star in over 25 hours of addictive Angry Birds play. Join friends in all-new multiplayer modes featuring co-op and head-to-head options.


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3-in-1 Lantern For Halloween, Camping, & More $7.49!

169434_vBright 3-in-1 LED Lantern, Flashlight & Night Light (Random Colors)

All your lighting needs together in one compact package!
Don’t sent those little goblins out without some light! Use this 3-in-1 lantern as a flashlight with 3 super bright LEDs, great for lighting up the sidewalk.  You can even switch to lantern mode at the campsite. Then, your kidlet can switch on a single amber LED provides the perfect nightlight when it’s time for bed.
Retail Price: $39.99



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