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All New Echo Devices – Amazon Show, Echo Plus, Echo, and Echo Spot

All-New Echo Devices – Amazon Show, Echo Plus, Echo, and Echo Spot

I reviewed the Amazon Echo last April when we bought our new fixer-upper.  I didn’t think we needed the Echo from Amazon but my hubby made the decision and I’m really happy he did!  I have really enjoyed Alexa (Echo’s persona) because she is always listening, and she does a great job of understanding me even from the other side of the downstairs.  She tunes into local channels my Pandora account, Amazon music channels…oh, and answer any crazy question my family can come up with AND lets me leave voice messages on friends echo devices.   I have had her read audio books to me while I was cleaning floors, and turn my hue lights on or off when I need.  She tells me news updates from many different sources.  She sends me reminders  to my cell phone and can even tell me about events going on in my area.  We added an Echo Dot at Christmas and now I am thinking I should add a few to our bedrooms and bathrooms but hadn’t convinced myself to do it…now Amazon did it again and is adding the All-new Echo (2nd Generation), Echo Plus with built-in Hub, Echo Spot, and the Echo Show

I’m thinking of placing a these handy guys in the bedroom to use as a smart alarm clock that can also turn off your lights. Maybe I should put one in the kitchen to easily set timers…so many uses for these new Echo items!  I can’t wait to check them out.  You might like to think about holiday gifts too.  I’m thinking they might be great gifts for anyone you want to keep in contact with as well as just share a fabulous gift they are really going to enjoy!  It is not too early to start figuring out the best gifts.  I would put these on the short list!


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