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Free Children’s Ebooks – BookBub for October 3

Are you looking for a read for your kidlets?  I found these and I wanted you to know that you can find fun books for your children too like:

Harry’s Spooky Surprise!

by N.G.K.

An entertaining picture book: When Harry the mouse goes on a special Halloween mission to visit his friends, he learns to overcome his fear of the dark!

Sale Price: FREE / Original Price: $ 1.99

Love and Muddy Puddles

by Cecily Anne Paterson

Just when she’s finally become popular, Coco’s family moves to the country. Can this city girl learn to love the land? An ornery horse and a cute boy may help…

Sale Price: $ 1.99 / Original Price: $ 10.99

A Fairy’s Guide to Disaster

by A.W. Hartoin

Tiny fairy Matilda is excited about her first babysitting job — but her afternoon turns into a wild adventure when humans suddenly move the mantel where she and her charges live. Dazzling fun!

Sale Price: FREE / Original Price: $ 2.99

Angels Club

by Courtney Vail and Sandra J. Howell

Bullied for being the new kid at school, Jacinda finds a companion in Angel, a scraggly, unloved horse. Can she prove Angel’s worth — as well as her own? A delightful tale of friendship!

Sale Price: FREE / Original Price: $ 3.99

My Best Friend Is a Secret Agent

by Richard Clark and Rich Murray

In this imaginative, laugh-out-loud adventure, 10-year-old genius Nort defends his town from an army of evil toys… by inventing a microchip that transforms his best friend into a real-life secret agent!

Sale Price: FREE / Original Price: $ 0.99

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